Designed by the nation’s
most successful kart track creators

At present, the closest indoor/outdoor go-kart racing facilities are F1 Boston and F1 Outdoors located in Braintree and East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. F1 Boston is considered to be the premier facility of its kind in the US and rivals Michael Schumacher’s Kart Center in Germany as the premier facility in the world.

RJ Valentine is a principal investor and Chairman of the Board of Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park. Valentine is also Chairman of The MBA Group and creator, owner and operator of F1 Boston.

Marc Leibowitz, CEO Moto 1 Long Island Motorsports Park and principal investor, is an experienced, highly successful management consultant and sales executive with more than 25 years of building companies and helping them grow into large successful businesses.

Together with the late, great Roy Sebazco, they have designed, planned and permitted the best karting and dirt track in North America. Take a look at the plans and see for yourself.